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We’re not our emotions, our feelings. They just move past us like a breeze.
Happy, Sad, Mad.

Imagine that you are the blue sky
Sometimes a mean, angry cloud comes by
Sometimes a sad, weeping cloud comes by
Sometimes there’s a rainbow
which we can turn upside down into a …smile.

YOU are always the blue sky. Different clouds, sun, and rainbows come by, but under it there is just you. The real you.

So you can switch those Mad, Sad, Glad feelings around any time you want to.

Here are two great ways to change how you think and change how you feel.
To go from Mad to Glad
or Sad to Glad.

Visit Emily for more songs and Manuel for videos that will make you smile.



The Happy Heart Song
prenatal lullaby

Tune and Lyrics by
Judith Simon Prager and Harry Youtt
Performed by Harry Youtt

Happy Heart Imagery
prenatal lullaby

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