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The Magical Purple Healing Fairy
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"As founder and medical director of the Harbor-UCLA Wellness Center, I was happy to offer Judith Simon Prager's Guided Imagery CD's to patients as an option to further self-healing. Judith Simon Prager's Guided Imagery CD's for Surgery, Relaxation, Pregnancy, Chemotherapy, etc. were an important part of a library of tools that empowered patients to their recovery."
--Joann Ng, MD, founder and medical director of the Harbor-UCLA Wellness Center


The Magical Purple Healing FairyThe Magical Purple Healing Fairy

Created by the developer of Cedar-Sinai Medical Center’s Guided Imagery for Surgery CD, this program is designed for girls 4-8.

Originally developed at the request of The Health Partnership in London and provided to a young patient undergoing chemo at the prestigious Great Ormond Street Hospital.

The mother’s testimonial included:
"The nurses at Great Ormond Street Hospital in London were amazed by [my daughter’s] boundless energy and her positive outlook throughout receiving her chemo; she kept all her hair and even put on weight! She learned to rollerblade and ride a bicycle throughout this time and attended school every day she could (except for days she had appointments at the hospital), all of this was made possible by her calm and relaxed attitude to her treatment…. She’s 5 years old and has had an MRI scan, a CT scan and is having all her Proton radiotherapy (lying still for 30 minutes) WITHOUT a general anesthetic. This would not have been possible without the help you’ve given her and for that I’m eternally grateful…. I truly believe that the Purple Healing Fairy stayed with her throughout everything and kept her strong."
-- K.S. London, England

"The wonderful Magic Purple Healing Fairy in this CD takes children out of the world of medicine, of physical pain and escalating stress, and into a place of relaxation and joy. In the cool mist of this magical place, children can regain their peace and find the tools to help themselves cope and heal."
--Deborah McCurdy, MD, associate professor of pediatrics, Mattel Children's Hospital at UCLA, California

"I enthusiastically support this CD for children who are facing the difficult experience of cancer chemotherapy. Judith's voice is magical as she uses techniques she developed in her Verbal First Aid books to allow children to connect to their imagination and visualize their chemotherapy as a positive process. This CD gives children the tools to participate in their treatment and helps them build resilience. It has a holistic approach that complements the medical treatments and allows the children to transform their experience by becoming active participants in their own healing. Judith's visualization CD for children is empowering, inspiring and healing."
--Ruby Roy, MD, Pediatrician, La Rabida Children’s Hospital, Illinois


verbal first aidBonding With the Baby Within
10 Track CD with special healing music track

“Traditionally, the prenatal time is a time of great contemplation. It’s like being on the dark side of the moon, where a woman connects with herself, her femininity, and the baby within.

“You are in the process of composing a life, just as you compose a picture or a sonnet or a melody. This CD will help you to mother your child, mother yourself, and give a more contemplative air to this important time in both of your lives. And it will help prepare your baby for the chaos of the world shortly to be born into.

“When you listen to these guided imagery tracks, your baby will be listening, too. As you imagine the beautiful prospect of bonding, as you breathe the Breath of Love, as you protect your child from your worry, your baby can come into this world ready, secure, and feeling loved.”
- Bernadine Celoni, MD, FAAP, Former Chief of Pediatrics, Methodist Hospital, Arcadia, CA, Board Certified Pediatrician

verbal first aidGuided Imagery for Surgery
(created in a pilot study with the cardiothoracic surgery unit of Cedars-Sinai Medical Center)

"When we compared patients [in this pilot study] to routine patients, we found that there was nearly 100% patient satisfaction, plus a dramatic reduction in pain medicine and sleeping pills requested."
-- Gregory P. Fontana, M.D., Director of Integrative Therapies for Cardiac Surgery, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA

[In addition to the pain relief, anecdotally nurses reported that patients listening to this series seemed to recover more quickly and have fewer side-effects from the anesthesia.]

"This summer I had back surgery, my second and hopefully last. I had two discs taken out in 1986 from a college football injury and the recovery was painful and long. Now, many years later, I had to have another disc taken out.

"However, this time I had your CDs. The nurses played them for me before, during, and after my surgery as I was under general anesthetic.


"The nurses were very interested in the CDs as they had not heard of them before. They were amazed at my recovery and I had three of them comment to me that they had not seen anybody get up and walk and do as well as I did that soon. This prompted them to write down the website for more information. Thanks to the CDs, I'm walking easily, proof that they really do make a difference."
-- F/Lt. Mike Harvitt, Post Commander, Michigan State Police


Guided Imagery for Chemotherapyverbal first aid

In an ideal world, “Guided Imagery for Chemotherapy” would be provided to every man, woman and child undergoing chemotherapy. It does more than lift the spirits. In boosting the belief system, it also enhances the immune system. It is, in my view, a useful adjunct to any form or system used in healing critical illness. I wholeheartedly recommend it as a ‘must have’ for health professionals, those with cancer or who those who know of someone they care about who does.’
-- Charles Montagu, Hypnotherapist and co-founder of The Health Partnership in London, England.

I was so excited to experience the “Guided Imagery for Chemotherapy” CD from Judith because it affected me profoundly and shaped the way in which I judged the work being done by the chemotherapy. I became so relaxed and many times felt I was floating and “out of my own body”. I would go somewhere else and come back. I experienced and participated in creating body/mind wholeness and perfect health in a completely different way. One day, after 3 weeks of daily listening to her CD, I literally “felt” the leukemia leave my body. I knew I was in remission. The following week I had another bone marrow biopsy and my doctor confirmed my inner knowledge…”no evidence of leukemia”. I was in remission. I felt so much joy and gratefulness. I called Judith right away to let her know the news. The guided imagery, the mind/body work was the key and chemotherapy became an ally, a physical vehicle doing only good work.

The steps after “remission” involved more chemo, more biopsies, a spinal tap and a stem cell transplant. I continued my daily use of Judith’s CD and worked with her personally before the biopsies and before my transplant. Each of these sessions left me deeply relaxed, feeling safe and secure about moving forward with the procedures. I knew in my heart and soul that all would turn out successfully. Everything became easier, painless and every single procedure was, in fact, successful.

I am so grateful for Judith’s work and her commitment to help me and others heal on such a deep and lasting level. I recommend her CD in combination with her personal hypnotherapy sessions.

My doctors are stunned and pleased. I am overjoyed and grateful. I have discovered how powerful mind/body work is and how empowered I feel participating in my own healing.

--September 2007, Loretta Berlonghi, Licensed Acupuncturist, MS Traditional Oriental Medicine





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